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William Matthies


Executives and experts praise The 7 Keys to Change

…straightforward solutions

The 7 Keys to Change has important tools for everyone facing a transition, from individuals to large organizations. Author William Matthies compassionately and clearly pinpoints the root of anxiety for so many and provides straightforward solutions.”

Dr. Andrea Belz
Author, The McGraw-Hill 36 Hour Course: Product Development


…connections between the two kinds of change

"The 7 Keys to Change brings together the research on personal change and corporate change. Most books for businesses focus on processes and techniques. Most books for individuals focus on self-help in isolation. Matthies looks at the rich connections between the two kinds of change."

Marcia Riefer Johnston
Author and speaker


…this one is to be read and used

“This book offers concrete examples and techniques to improve your and your works outcome from change. While there may be many tomes on the topic, this one is to be read and used.”

Robert Heiblim, Co-founder
BlueSalve Professional Consulting & Interim Management


…theory and practical advice

"Matthies did his homework putting this book together. It's a nice blend of theory and practical advice that will help the reader understand and better approach change."

Nick McCormick
Author and leadership expert


…makes you think

“Bill uses his varied experiences as a CE industry exec, the head of his own market research company, and as mentor to many to explain, simply and straightforwardly, how important it is for all of us to embrace and try to plan for change. This is a good, straightforward book on change that doesn’t preach—and makes you think.”

Steve Smith, Editor in Chief


…engaging and educational

"… the personal stories, their analysis by the author, and subsequent recommendations are very engaging and educational. I bought the Kindle edition of this book, and now have to get a paper version for my son who is in the early stages of his career."

Gregory Yankelovich
Customer Experience IQ

…fresh and unique perspective

"…I really enjoyed his fresh and unique perspective, especially the examples and stories. It helped make the 7 keys even more relevant and practical. No matter how many books on change you may already have on your bookshelf, you should make room for The 7 Keys."

Dan McCarthy
Leadership and management development expert


…his insights are invaluable!

"This book is fresh air coming in to a stale room. As the pace of change increases, every business is affected and if you can't create a strategy, you will be history. Bill has the advantage of broad experience but brings a futuristic perspective. Definitely worth reading as his insights are invaluable!"

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO
Consumer Electronics Association and Author, Ninja Innovation: The Ten Killer Strategies of the World's Most Successful Businesses


Real life examples and practical recommendations…

The 7 Keys to Change is must reading, not only for other CEOs and senior executives, but literally anyone—young or old—who wants to not only ‘get ahead’ but stay there, not just in business, but in life in general.”

Jim Minarik, Chairman & CEO
DEI Holdings, Inc.


A thought provoking read

"…what I most enjoyed about The 7 Keys to Change, was the way Bill smoothly crossed the chasm from a business perspective of change (a process orientation), to the more personal, individual elements of change as being the key to lasting success within a business. A thought provoking read."

Greg D. Gudorfs, Founder
The Gudorf Group, Inc.


…digs down into the complexities of change…

“Bill Matthies has written a much needed book that digs down into the complexities of change at a core level. He offers important concepts and powerful ways to consider what we need to do to make required changes in these days of swift speed.”

Sylvia Lafair, Ph.D., President
Creative Energy Options, Inc.

An outstanding executive

“Bill Matthies is an outstanding executive and his book teaches you how to deal with change—period.”

John F. Doyle, Chairman
Pioneer Electronics (retired)

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