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Get help with the planning process

You and your staff may not know all you need to know about planning, but you and your team must write the plan—with my help.

The Coyote Insight planning process generates much more than words on a page. An aligned team with a shared vision and desire to change is essential for success. You’ll get a road map for action, developed by those responsible for execution.

Commitment is key

Planning begins top down and quickly evolves to bottom up. That means everything begins with a commitment from top management to support the planning process.

If you are the CEO, your staff must clearly see your commitment to both the process and the outcome, which is a plan you intend to see followed. You do this with words and actions. Define the plan goals and overriding strategy. Once the “top down” is complete, your staff begins to create the “bottom up” tactics to support that strategy.

Meet the “inside/outsider”

While you know your company better than anyone on the outside, you (like so many managers) need help with the planning process. That’s where I come in.

My role is the “inside/outsider.” Inside, bringing planning expertise to you and your team, while being outside, free from the inevitable myopia that affects those focused on day-to-day management responsibilities.

A living, breathing plan

I will help you and your staff bring out the best ideas and solutions for your company. I don’t do this by telling you what to do—I simply remove the barriers that prevent you from doing this for yourself.

I teach the process of planning and monitor the plans as they are developed to make sure they meet all the criteria of a successful planning process. Finally, I also teach your team how to adjust plans as reality proves and disproves assumptions.

Along the way, your team will develop a planning mindset that will take your company, division, category or product to the next level. For a no-obligation discussion about creating your next plan, call 714/726-2901 or email me.

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