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William Matthies


The truth about strategic planning

Over time, products (and even entire companies) plateau. Often it's a contagious “business as usual” mindset that stalls performance and inhibits creativity. If your product or service is not living up to its potential, let's retool your plan.

I help management clear away the obstacles that prevent your team from seeing new strategies and tactics for increased profitable growth.

Strategic planning sharpens your focus and sets the priorities of everyone involved in developing, promoting, and selling your products. But planning often gets the short shrift because market conditions change too fast (there’s no time) or too slowly (there’s no urgency). Still, three undeniable truths about planning remain:

1. You can’t predict the future

Feeling too uncertain to commit to a written plan? By definition, every plan is “wrong” because each includes assumptions that later prove to be false. Let's create a living plan—one you continually adjust as new information emerges. The ultimate measure of success is increasing profitable sales.

2. You can’t afford not to plan

No room in the budget for planning? You do things every day that cost money; some of them work, others don’t. The right plan will help you make better decisions more often, and that leads to increased revenue.

3. You can’t outsource it

Clients have asked “Can you write our business plan?” Sure, but only if you want me to run your company as well—and I already have a job.

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