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One of the most rewarding facets of my work is speaking (and listening) to audiences about taking their careers, their products, or their companies to the next level. I’ve spoken to hundreds of corporate and trade audiences, including Microsoft, Nintendo, Panasonic, Sony and the Consumer Electronics Association.

I welcome the opportunity to give your audience the benefit of my 35+ years of experience in strategic planning, entrepreneurship, consumer behavior, and the consumer electronics industry.

I can tailor each of these presentations to meet the needs of your audience, the size of the group, and the time available. Presentation titles include:

"Change Your Approach to Change"

We’re all faced with change. Sometimes we initiate new beginnings. Sometimes we just try to hang on for the ride. My fascination with change led to four years of research—and to writing The 7 Keys to Change: A New Approach to Managing Change to Live Better and Work Smarter.

I’ll share proven processes and techniques to help individuals and organizations get the best outcomes from inevitable, constant change. Managing change is both art and science that can and should be learned.


For many managers and teams, creating a workable business plan is an unattainable goal. Or there is a plan—but it’s been buried in a filing cabinet too long to remember. I share tips for cutting through the clutter, challenging “business as usual,” helping you discover what’s critical to the success of your company.

"Business Belly Flops"

I have launched (and sold) several successful companies, but it’s my eye-witness accounts of failures (including a few of my own) that really grab audiences. I explain who should (and who should not) start a new business and outline the most common reasons good business ideas fail.

"Consumer Mind Games"

If you offer a product or service to consumers, you know there’s no telling what they’ll do—or is there? Drawing from decades in the trenches of market research, I explain how to decode consumer behavior and use that information to boost your brand.

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